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Jeff Bezos and his father Miguel Bezos, with the Statue of Liberty in New York. (Instagram Photo via @jeffbezos)

Jeff Bezos is never shy about sharing his love for his parents on social media, thanking them for the inspiration and support they have provided in his life. On Friday, the Amazon founder posted a video in which he got choked up talking about his father’s journey.

“My brother, sister and I could not have had a better role model,” Bezos said about his father, Miguel Bezos.

The elder Bezos was being recognized recently with a Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation award, which celebrates “individuals who embrace the best of what these two American treasures represent: the unique tapestry woven from the stories of our nation’s immigration history, and the role of America and its citizens in championing the ongoing global struggle for liberty and freedom.”

Miguel Bezos emigrated from Santiago, Cuba, at age 16. He spoke no English and “had to make his way,” Jeff Bezos said. “I think in every immigrant, you’ll find a deep optimism and deep resilience, too,” he added, calling his dad “an intense, hard worker.”

At the conclusion of his remarks, Bezos appeared on the verge of tears as he thanked his father and the two hugged on stage. Watch the video:

Last year, Bezos posted an image on Instagram (at top), posing in New York City with his father, with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

“I want to thank the Congressional leaders who will bring Dreamers legislation to the House floor tomorrow,” Bezos wrote at the time. “My dad was a ‘Dreamer’ before there was such a thing. He was 16 when he came to America, all by himself, from Cuba. He didn’t speak English and didn’t have an easy path. What he did have was grit, determination, and the support and kindness of people here in the U.S. who helped him. He received a scholarship to college in Albuquerque, where he met my mom. On behalf of my dad and families like mine, I’m hopeful that policymakers will come together to create a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and prioritize more commonsense immigration reforms like reducing the green card backlog. Families across America deserve this.”

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