Clothing Styles Celebs Wear to Look Thinner

Celebrities know their angles. They also know how to dress their bodies to look thin. Slimming wrap styles cinch every body type in the right places. Discover how the waist-defining style flatters your figure and find the vibrant accessories that make it pop.

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Pear shaped? Try a wrap dress!

Elizabeth BanksGetty Images

The balance of a subtly bloused top and a full, below-the-knee skirt separated by a tie at the waist tricks the eye into seeing more even proportions.

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Accessories that slim:

Ruler shaped? Try a wrap jumpsuit!

Debbie MatenopoulosGetty Images

Together, shoulder-widening sleeves, a curve-carving belt and wide-leg pants create an hourglass shape.

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Accessories that slim:

Curvy shape? Try a wrap top!

Ashley GrahamGetty Images

The crisscross style draws the eye down to slim the bust, its belt whittles the middle and the hip-skimming bottom trims hips

Get Ashley’s look for less: $36, Venus (, “Belt Detail Pleated Top”)

Accessories that slim:

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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