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Responses by Index and Aristide Benoist, freelance developer.

Background: Capsul’in is a coffee-capsule specialist with a strong focus on design and coffee experience. Driven by innovation, its Aluminium line features a bespoke range of capsules for coffee. The website’s creation coincides with the holistic creative-direction revamp of the product and the launch of new features, such as design options and manufacturing updates. As part of a global communication strategy, including social media and international events presentations, the website targets a professional audience of coffee specialists, coffee brands and retailer groups—anyone who’s interested in the brand’s capacity and services for capsule manufacturing.

Design core: The site challenges regular B2B communication with an immersive visual experience. Its core features are tailored layouts and animated content that help the message be impactful while elevating the brand voice. We based the website on bespoke content direction, mixing techniques like 3-D and photography. The site elevates the capsule designs and details, aligning with the brand’s work. The ambition was to create distinctive capsules within defined constraints, focusing on every product element in an immersively visual way.

Favorite details: Every single element of the website has been crafted from scratch—visually and technically—with special attention paid to details. We’re very happy with the overall rhythm and transitions, the variations in layout, and the look and feel of the site. We particularly like the visual color selector and the general motion development, making the site stand out and bringing the whole concept to life.

Challenges: Starting from a blank page. There were no existing assets or visual elements we could rely on, leading us into various rounds of exploration and iterations to find the right style and art direction. Also, the fact that the site targets a professional audience was a challenge in and of itself. The general tone of voice and story differ from usual product websites: the message is the product, and each feature can be a key differentiator. We had no other stories or metaphors on which we could rely.

On the aesthetic side, the main challenge was to create a cohesive, impactful creative direction that would relate to Capsul’in’s professional audience—one not necessarily looking for beauty but efficiency and clarity.

New lessons: We applied a very iterative process during visual content creation to find the right balance between each technique. We learned a lot about image composition, lighting and production, as we did all the product images internally.

Navigation structure: The website features a didactic approach inspired by editorial and motion-design storytelling. A series of chapters presents the product by focusing on specific elements, with the overall hierarchy mirroring the features. There is a very natural progression in the site’s presentation. Additionally, we added a few microinteractions to create rhythm within the scrolling, such as the color selector.

Technology: The site is built on an Apache back end with PHP and JSON to manage the content. The front end is built with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript ES6 with a WebGL JavaScript API.

Special features: Everything is handmade. We used the WebGL JavaScript API to create the smoothest possible browsing experience. This engendered a more complex website construction, but the result is incomparable.

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