Bop Shop: Songs From Bartees Strange, Wonho, The Beths, And More

Princess Nokia is back, and she’s giving flowers to the divas who have inspired her. “I feel like Beyoncé / I feel like Shakira / Lemonade, I’m juicy / Hips don’t lie, Selena / Britney, Christina, rest in peace Aaliyah,” she sings on the track’s ethereal refrain, channeling the female music trailblazers who came before her both sonically and spiritually. The influence doesn’t stop there, and she uses the single’s verses to spit some rhymes and celebrate her lineage as well: “I just learn from these women, do whatever it takes / I’m the daughter of the witches that they burned at the stake.” It’s a meditative, summer-flavored take on a self empowerment anthem, ensuring that by the end, you’ve found your own inner diva. —Carson Mlnarik

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