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Formed by creatives Egoitz Audikana and Victor “Zipi” Aguilar, the advertising director duo BICEPS works at the convergence of seemingly disparate concepts: namely, Aguilar’s penchant for storytelling and humor and Audikana’s interest in aesthetics and the arena of fashion. “BICEPS is a bit of everything,” the pair says. “Our styles, at first appearing opposite, have helped us create a diverse, varied world that feeds on many influences and references.” This reflects the duo’s individual backgrounds: Aguilar cut his teeth by working as a creative director at agencies like McCann and BBDO for ten years before leaping into the world of directing, and Audikana had carved out his own path by folding the essence of fashion photography into the music videos he’d direct. It was at Madrid- and Barcelona-based production company Blur that they met. “Working with [Blur’s executive producer and founder] Mario Fornies gave us the opportunity to co-direct several projects, to get to know each other as directors and also as friends,” Aguilar and Audikana say. “Our mutual respect, the connection between us and the desire to expand to new creative horizons led us to create BICEPS.”

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