Beauty Wednesday: The Best Moisturizers for Winter

Readers, what are your favorite moisturizers for winter? The Corporette staff rounded up some of our favorites…

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The Best Moisturizers for Winter

Kat’s Recs for Moisturizers for Very Dry Skin

I’m such a creature of habit, I think I’ve written about all of these before… My skin tends to get VERY dry in the winter but it isn’t overly sensitive. I maintain some practices year-round, like occasional use of Good Genes or Drunk Elephant BabyFacial, and I try to wear sunscreen (but I get lazy in winter if I know I’ll be inside away from windows for most days).

I’ve used Curel for years and years, ever since they discontinued the one I’d used previously. (I feel like it was called Soft Sense? I was so disgruntled when they discontinued it I called the company and they said to try Curel because the ingredient list was similar.)

In more recent years I’ve tried to buy the fragrance-free version, but honestly I’ve used the “daily moisture,” the itch defense one, and even sometimes the in-shower version. (The in-shower one is great if you want to hit a larger part of your body quickly — we bought it for my kids’ arms and backs in the winter.)

I should stress how constantly I put this on — pretty much every time after I wash my hands. If I know I’m heading out into the cold for a walk, run, or hike, I try to put this on and then wear gloves — gloves make a huge difference in preventing raggedy cuticles. I also try to put this on as one of the last things I do before turning off the light and going to bed.

Like I said above, I usually use Curel at night, but if my hands are extra dry (or I’m thinking about it), I use the Weleda hand cream instead — it has such a nice scent to it, and is nice and thick.

For my face in winter, I really love Bioelements Really Rich Moisture — I’ve on my third very large tub. It’s really sumptuous and rich without being oily, and I like the scent and how it absorbs into my skin. (I am not a fan of the various facial oils I’ve tried because none feel like they absorb.)

I tend to switch to the Really Rich Moisture when I start to get dry or itchy patches on my face — in warmer temperatures I tend to use Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.

(If you’re looking at the Bioelements shop I also looove their eye creams, both the Sleepwear for Eyes and the one I keep abbreviating MTEC.)

I use this Caudalie lip conditioner year-round, to be honest, right before bed — but especially in the winter. I buy it in bulk because I love it so much. It’s only $12 but it feels more indulgent than Chapstick or whatnot.

I’ve tried a ton of fancy lip masks, and I have to say, nothing beats this drugstore option, Neosporin Overnight Lip Renewal. My husband and sons all get really chapped lips in the winter, and this is what I generally try to force on them, and I use it on myself. We usually see major results in one night.

To the moms of younger kids: You know that weird, dry red rash that kids get all over their mouth from licking dry lips constantly? This is the best lip balm for kids with chapped lips because it helps both the lips and that red rash. (It’s also got a nice slip to it so if you’re, say, sneaking into a sleeping toddler’s room, you can apply it without your kiddo waking up.)

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Kate’s Recs

My picks are pretty boring but very effective!

My hands get extremely dry during the winter — and I usually develop eczema on them too, yay! I’m so glad I found this lotion from Eucerin, because it doesn’t sting, even on cracked skin, and it’s very thick and soothing without being greasy. I’m not in love with the kind of odd smell it has, but it mostly dissipates after you’ve rubbed it in. This product makes a huge difference on my dry skin, and my 11-year-old son uses it too. For younger kids, there’s even a baby version.

This moisturizer is at $9.49 at Amazon.

I am constantly using Vaseline products in the winter, especially their Lip Therapy Advanced Healing. I always keep a tube or two in my purse, and if I’m at home, I just scoop out regular Vaseline from the tub and use that. I know I should probably use a more “natural” product, but this stuff just really works to soothe and moisturize dry, cracked lips. Plus, no scent!

I’m a bit worried, though, because the company recently made some changes to it — now it has an angled tip rather than round, as well as a slightly different formula — and it’s earning one-star reviews at Nooooo! (I also just discovered that Vaseline has a lot more lip care products than I thought, including a … gold, sparkly one?)

A pack of three tubes of Lip Therapy is $5.99 at Amazon (the image shows the old version — not sure what ships); a pack of two tubs of Vaseline is $5.86.

I wasn’t thrilled with the reviews for various cotton gloves available at Amazon, so I turned to The Vermont Country Store for their cotton “sleeping gloves.” (I remember flipping through this catalog as a kid — anyone else?) When my hands are really bad in the winter, I slather on Aquaphor and wear these overnight. It feels a little weird to have gloves on in bed, but they really help heal my skin. To wash these, I toss them in the washing machine in a lingerie wash bag. (The website also recommends these for, uh, reading the paper without getting ink on your hands.)

The gloves are $19.95 for three pairs, and they come in two sizes.

Ann’s Recs

I read a book where the main character gets a full body scrub — it sounded so luxurious that I had to try it myself! Now, I treat myself to a weekly rubdown with this sumptuous body scrub from Herbivore. It’s a Clean + Planet Positive product at Sephora — it’s made with virgin coconut oil for moisture and sugar for exfoliation. It’s scented with Moroccan Rose for a light, floral scent. (If you don’t care for florals, there’s also a Coconut Milk option that hopefully will be restocked soon.) It leaves my skin soft and smooth all over.

This Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Scrub is $36.00 at Sephora.

I got this as a free sample and cannot wait to try it! I hope this mask will ensure soft, smooth lips all fall and winter. This leave-on lip mask delivers moisture and antioxidants while you sleep. It’s also free of parabens and phthalates. It comes in seven flavors/scents reminiscent of Lip Smackers (I have “berry,” but there are also festive ones like “gingersnap” and peppermint).

Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask is $22 at Sephora.

I just had a milestone birthday, and plain old moisturizer doesn’t cut it anymore. My drugstore standby is Olay’s Regenerist Collagen Peptide 24 Moisturizer — this fragrance-free cream includes ingredients like collagen peptide and Vitamin B3+ to hydrate, smooth, and firm your skin. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy feel. I’ve been applying this nearly every night for months, and maybe it’s just me, but I feel my skin has a little more pep in the morning.

This moisturizer is $28.99 at Target.

Elizabeth’s Recs

I have very dry, very sensitive skin — these are the products that have helped me survive the last few winters.

This moisturizer from Biologique Recherche is the most expensive skincare item I’ve ever used, and while I’d love to say that it’s overpriced and overrated, I’m devastated to report that it’s absolutely amazing. It’s super hydrating, absorbs well, and is never greasy. Like many of the Biologique Recherche products, the smell is not great, but it dissipates quickly and my skin has never looked better.

It’s $102 at

If I’m splurging on my face, I like to be a little more economical with the rest of my bod. This rich cream from Flamingo is $9.99 for a tub that lasts me at least a month, even in the depths of winter. It smells amazing, doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky after applying, and softens my scaly elbows and knees.

The cream is available at Target.

When I’m feeling extra dry, and the products listed above aren’t cutting it on their own, I like to coat my whole body (including my face) in a layer of Aquaphor before bed. I think the most important thing is to apply it after applying other moisturizers. I’m not a scientist, but my understanding is that it works as an occlusive to seal in all your other products and make them more effective.

Aquaphor is $13.89 for 14 oz. at Target.

Finally, this isn’t really “skincare,” but a humidifier is a necessity for me from November through April. This model is similar to the one I’ve had for years. It’s a pain to keep clean, but it keeps my skin and lips from getting too dry and I’m convinced I get fewer colds when I use it consistently.

It’s $62.10 at Amazon (but temporarily out of stock, unfortunately).

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