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By: Veronica

Over the break my cousin and I got bored and decided to try different oreo flavors. Some seemed strange while others had us excited. We are going to share with you our thoughts so you know what you are getting into.

Apple Cider Donut Oreos: I love the vanilla flavored biscuit. The filling is apple cider. I loved this cookie and it is probably one of my favorites. My cousin thought they were okay so she would eat them when offered but wouldn’t go out of her way to get them.

Birthday Cake Oreos: This cookie reminded my cousin of a flower cake. It tastes similar to a confetti cake so it didn’t seem very special to me. We both agreed though that we don’t want to replace this cookie for the real deal cake. 

Carrot Cake Oreos: This is not my kind of cookie so after one bite I couldn’t continue. My cousin didn’t like the cookie. We are just not carrot cake people when it comes to cookie form. 

Chocolate Creme Oreos: If you love chocolate then this is a great choice. I personally think it is too much chocolate but my little cousin would fight me on that. I needed to drown the cookie in milk to get through them. 

Churro Oreos: We loved these ones and they tasted great with warm milk. They don’t taste exactly like churros but they were very similar. 

Golden Oreos: I loved this one because it was simple and plain. My cousin wanted more flavor than just having a butter cookie outside with the basic creme filling.

Latte Creme Oreos: I absolutely loved these cookies and so did my cousin. They tasted like pure coffee and were absolutely perfect with milk and hot chocolate.

Mint Oreos: I like this one because it wasn’t too minty but my cousin is not a mint fan so she refused to even try this one. You could smell the mint when we opened the package.

S’mores Oreos: It was a graham cookie with marshmallow and chocolate cream. We thought it was cute for them to imitate a s’more but we both agreed we would rather have the real thing. 


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