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Amazon rabbit holes are simultaneously the best and the worst to fall down. Between Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, there are so many ways to find a bunch of stuff you do (and don’t) need. Once you see it, you wonder how you’ve been living without it!

To make your room feel nice and cozy:

  1. Curtain lights ($11.99) 

This is a great way to add light and warmth to your room.

2. Clothes Pins (100 for $14.99)

These are a cool way to hang pictures around your room on a string or vines.

(Amazon also sells cute, clear ones to hang pictures from and add more of your own personal touch)

3. Fluffy rug ($18.99)

Instead of your first steps out of bed being on the cold floor, make it a lot more pleasant by sinking your feet into your cozy, fluffy rug!

4. Plant hanger (3 pieces for $11.99)

Plant mom with no way to display your beautiful succulents? Try these beautiful macrame hangers so that your plants are the star of the room!

5. Glow in the dark stars for your ceiling ($11.99)

Remember the glow in the dark stars you had when you were a kid? Take a blast to the past and let them illuminate the dark once again. 

6. Dry erase calendar ($15.94) 

Between class, work, and a personal life, it can be hard to stay organized. A dry erase calendar is a great way for a busy college student to keep everything nice and put together. 

Hair and beauty:

  1. Claw hair clips ( 4 for $13.99)

These are the clips that seem to be taking over the internet. Get yours!

  1. Makeup organizer ($13.99) 

Makeup organizers are great ways to keep your makeup (products, brushes, etc.), and some jewelry contained and organized in a way that everything is laid out right in front of you. It’ll fit right in on your desk or vanity too.

  1. Razor holder for the shower (2 for $4.79)

I don’t think I’ve taken a shower in a dorm room where I haven’t dropped my razor. This razor holder is perfect for that issue. Mount it to the wall and you’re good to go!

  1. Tide sticks to-go (3 pack for $8.99)

This is a personal life saver. I always keep one in my bag for on the go stains and spills.

For commuters:

  1. Car cleaning gel ($6.99)

If you’re a commuter and you have a car, consider this gel to clean the interior of your car! This scoops up all the dust from the nooks and crannies that you can’t get into. It’s also reusable and easy to use!

  1. Reusable water bottle ($23.99)

This is an essential for both on-campus and commuter students, especially those with long commutes by car or by public transportation. This will keep your water nice and cold all day. 


  1. Gratitude journal ($10.79)

This is a great way to increase positive thinking and overall wellness. This journal includes different daily prompts to fill in to work on gratitude and bring that good energy into your life.

  1. Essential oil diffuser and oils($35.99)

Oil diffusers are great tools to help you unwind and make your room smell great. 


  1. Adjustable buttons (6 pack for $5.99)

Love the new jeans you ordered online but they’re a little too loose? Try these “no-sew” buttons. Pin them where you want on the waistband, and you’re good to go. Asymmetrical jeans are in and super cute!

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