Ace & Tate ad campaign

Responses by Dimitri Jeurissen, creative director and partner, Base Design.

Background: After redefining Amsterdam-born eyewear brand Ace & Tate’s positioning and personality, we were asked to develop its new spring/summer ’22 sunglasses campaign and complementary activations. Our ambition was to create an emotional campaign that would celebrate the arrival of brighter days and Ace & Tate’s new Sunnies collection but also establish the brand’s updated positioning, which essentially builds on the concept of good design made accessible and a “cut the crap” attitude. The project targeted a broad audience of primarily urban 20- to 60-year-old people with our focus cities being Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels and London.

Design thinking: Two main thoughts drove our ideation process: one, the wish to play with the universal feeling of joy that comes with brighter days while expressing that in a humble, honest way; and two, the desire to draw attention to the bold sunglasses that Ace & Tate has designed and created for this season, pulling focus on the product itself in a way that felt attractive and not staged.

Challenges: One, very short timing. Two, an in-house, do-it-yourself approach to design and production. Three, a “no bullshit” attitude that needed to be preserved while communicating on a nonessential product. All of that within the context of a war, which has made joyful days difficult to celebrate and use as a concept to promote.

Favorite details: Both the teams at Base Design and Ace & Tate loved the raw simplicity of the campaign. The imagery, its treatment, the “friends & family” casting, and also the copy and main tagline (“Bring on the Sun!”) were made purposefully natural and fresh. This focus led to a result that felt truly genuine.

Visual influences: Daily life! All of the Base members working on the project wore glasses and sunglasses. Our own experience with eyewear—and the result of being without it—fueled our thinking process. This approach led us to develop a two-stage campaign, which first evoked a strong universal feeling and identified a common need before unveiling the product as a solution. In addition, we shared a desire for more joy and lightheartedness in the run-up to summer.

Time constraints: From the onset of our collaboration, we worked closely together with Ace & Tate and our local Brussels-based collaborators. Regular check-ins with all pertinent project members were scheduled from day one, and external input was brought in as soon as possible. The overall dynamic created by time constraints plus our shared enthusiasm for the campaign concept led to what’s out on the streets now.


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