A Caffeine Addict Tries Runa Energy Drinks

Spilling the tea on a new clean energy drink sensation?

From the title of this article, I’m sure you can already guess that I am a caffeine addict, definitely not something to boast about or something that’s too out of the ordinary for a college student trying to get through midterms. I’m sure plenty of us need one or two energy drinks to get through the day, but as much as I enjoy them, they are pretty flawed, and I have definitely gotten sick of the ones I have tried so far. I’m sure we have all experienced the jittery beginnings and sugar crash endings to energy drinks which pretty much defeat the purpose of drinking them in the first place. Besides that, the insanely long list of chemicals and high sugar count in typical energy drinks doesn’t make me feel super happy about drinking them either. For a while, I have been searching for an energy drink that has caffeine content that will give me the energy to get through the day but not too much sugar or chemicals to avoid the drag that comes from the energy drinks I usually get. And, at long last, I think I might have found the one! But don’t worry, dear readers, I will give you my full review of this new find. In the most casual way possible, I will be performing a few tests on these drinks to see if they shape up to my usual caffeine routine. First, I wanted to see if the natural ingredients and sugars would give me the sweetness that I have come to love.Second, to test if I will have the dreaded sugar crash and jitters. To truly put it to the test, I will try it during a busy school day to see how it performs throughout the day. 

Before I get ahead of myself too much, though, first the taste test. I am trying the brand new Wild Black Cherry flavored Sparkling Brewed Clean Energy, a name I admit is prettier than my own. Off the bat, the label boasts more caffeine than two espressos, plant-based antioxidants, no crash or jitters, and no artificial sweeteners or colors. And the taste! Even better than I imagined, the best description I could give is that it tastes like sweet tea and cherries, only carbonated, making it better. Despite the small amounts of sugar, it tastes sweet without being too overwhelming, unlike so many energy drinks that I have tried. From taste alone, I give it a 10/10. It’s a perfect balance of natural and sweet. 

After a day of classes, I can also say that as advertised, this drink gave me no crash or jitters. I made it through all my classes without feeling the need to reach for a nap or another energy drink. I felt lively and energized throughout my day and definitely felt much better than my usual energy drinks. 

This concludes my experiment. I can firmly say that I would recommend this energy drink to anyone looking for something new and different from the energy drink options out there. I have no doubt I will see this drink all over campus soon, and don’t doubt that you will see me rocking a Runa on campus!

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