93-Year-Old Fashion Icon Wins the Hearts of Boomers and Millennials Alike

Photos credit: Missguided

Too often, women over 60 fall victim to the mindset that, as we age, we become invisible. Stereotypes about aging and unfair fashion “rules” can make us feel like what we wear or our personal fashion choices simply don’t matter.

At age 93, Baddie Winkle is fashionably reminding all of us that this is not true! By refusing to accept invisibility, Winkle has become an inspiration for women of all ages.

Winkle’s story will remind you that you’re anything but invisible and that the only real fashion “rule” is that there are no rules! Check out this video and you’ll see what we mean!

After spending most of her life as a factory worker, Winkle became a social media sensation at age 87. By sharing her vibrant and sometimes controversial style with the world via Instagram, she’s attracted fans from around the globe. Not only has she won the hearts of her 3.5 million followers, but she’s garnered attention from big names in the fashion industry like Missguided.

Missguided, a trendy clothing line, named Baddie Winkle brand ambassador for their party wear collection. Sharing the title of brand ambassador with names like Pamela Anderson and Amber Rose, Baddie Winkle helped Missguided break the often too traditional mold of the fashion industry.

Modeling bold and exciting fashion trends, Winkle is the perfect addition to Missguided’s efforts to celebrate women from a variety of different backgrounds and stages in life.

Check out Baddie’s spread for Missguided clothing line:

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