5 Things You Must do on Campus Before Winter

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It’s the most wonderful time to be on campus. The leaves are changing, the workload is usually light, and the excitement to be back on campus is in full swing. Unfortunately in just a few short months, winter will arrive along with the iconic “it’s a different type of cold!” weather. Before all the leaves fall, here are some on-campus activities you have to do this autumn.

Walk through Mystic Vale

The walk through Mystic Vale is always beautiful, but there’s a special charm about the location when the leaves are changing. The rustling of the leaves beneath you, the idyllic calm away from the hustle and bustle of the quad, and the beautiful canopy makes this spot a must-visit location.

Enjoy the fountain, while it’s still running

 Unfortunately you can not enjoy the sounds of the campus fountain year-round. Once it gets too cold, the university has to turn it off until next spring. It’s a sad event when the fountain turns off, so make sure to enjoy it while you can!

Get your study on outside!

The weather is not too hot, not too cold, and there’s still plenty of sunny days ahead of us. Why not enjoy (okay, tolerate) some studying outside! The quad has plenty of places in addition with UVic providing additional outdoor tables around campus.

Enjoy a pumpkin scone

There’s something about the UVic pumpkin scones that have my heart. From being the perfect pairing to coffee to a nice study snack, these treats are best enjoyed during pumpkin spice season – however they are usually available year-round if you ever need your fall fix.

Hike the nearby mountains

Okay, this isn’t exactly on-campus, but chances are you’ve seen either Mt. Doug or Mt. Tolmie on your commute. With Mt. Tolmie being less than a 20 minute walk from campus, It is a great way to get your steps in-between classes. Mt. Doug is a bit further away, but a great view if you’re in the Gordon Head area.  In addition, the leaves changing makes the view ten times better.

Have any other suggestions for fall activities on campus? Let us know on any of our social media pages – we’re only a DM away!

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