5 Activities To Do This Winter

Winter is officially here, and that makes getting outdoors that much harder. The fact that it gets dark at 4:30 brings a lack of motivation that leaves me feeling stagnant. With exams coming up and snow coming down, we students need to engage in some fun winter activities to release stress, increase our serotonin levels, and regain some of that motivation we’ve been so helplessly looking for. 

Here are some activities/spots you have to try this winter:  

1. St. Jacobs Market 

This market is stunning, especially around the holiday season with all of the lights, Christmas decorations, and live music. They have an event coming up on November 26th called Holiday Sip ‘n Shop. This includes an outdoor artisan market with more than sixty vendors! It’s a perfect place to get some early holiday shopping done while spending time outside. 

2. Snow Tubing

Chicopee Tube Park offers snow tubing for ninety-minute-sessions at thirty-six dollars. You can book ahead to ensure you have tickets and hit the slopes with a group of friends. This activity is definitely on my bucket list this winter!   

3. Skating 

Downtown Kitchener and Uptown Waterloo have great outdoor rinks in the winter. Skating is the perfect combination of fresh air and exercise.  

4. Hiking 

Waterloo is home to many trails that are great for your winter hiking experience. You could even try snow-shoeing or cross country skiing to spice things up! 

5. Cafes 

Explore new cafes! This is the perfect way to warm up after these outdoor activities. I recently tried Princess Cafe in Uptown Waterloo and it was quite the hit. They have amazing sandwiches and warm drinks. I would recommend the chai latte!   

I hope these activities bring you happiness during this winter season and give you the chance to spend time with your friends and family, while enjoying the great outdoors!

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