4 New Years’ Song Recommendations

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As 2022 rolls in and a new term begins, you may be looking to have a clean slate. A great place to start with this is switching up your playlist and discovering new music to listen to. In line with the new year, here are 4 of my favourite songs to move you forward, empower and motivate you to achieve great things! 

‘Changing of the Seasons’ – Two Door Cinema Club 

This song is upbeat and fast-paced, and is about finally learning to deal with painful emotions that may have held you back in the past. It is the perfect song to empower and motivate you, with the lyrics simply stating ‘I’ve worn out all the reasons to keep on knocking at your door’, which I think creates this ultimate sense of closure and drive to move on. 

‘Long Live’ – Taylor Swift 

What I love most about this song is the story it tells from beginning to end, something that I think Taylor Swift always manages to pull off so well. She immerses the listener in a narrative of fighting a tiresome battle and emerging victorious, singing ‘I had the time of my life with you.’ The combination of drums and electric guitar throughout create an exhilarating, dramatic sound that compliment her lyrics perfectly. 

Don’t Feel Like Crying’ – Sigrid 

Sigrid, much like TDCC, uses simple lyricism and a steady beat, singing about facing and overcoming a situation that has been getting you down. I absolutely love the music video that accompanies it as it is full of striking, bright colours and lively dancing that, combined with the song itself, is just so uplifting. My favourite thing about it is that, not only is it catchy, but it puts out such a positive overarching message!  

‘I Know the End’ – Phoebe Bridgers 

‘I Know the End’ is probably one of my favourites, both lyrically and sonically. It is about coming to terms with endings, but instead of grieving them, choosing to accept them despite an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. Though this song begins pretty slowly with the lyrics echoing themes of homesickness, loss and nostalgia, it picks up about midway through and completely turns these ideas on their heads. She sings ‘either way, we’re not alone/I’ll find a new place to be from’. She portrays this ‘ending’ as an opportunity to embrace a clean start, while the instrumentals behind her vocals dramatically build, reflecting the catharsis that is encapsulated within the lyrics. 

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do, and they help you to feel optimistic and positive about the oncoming year! 

This article is part of a themed week to commence the term at UOB Her Campus, focused on all things fresh, new and inspiring to kick off 2022.

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