13 best tweets of the week, including validated parking, cat treats, and sprimp

It’s nearly Halloween, how about that? We’re halfway through October and just yesterday it was 2019, I believe. OK, not actually but you catch my drift.

Another week is in the books. We love to see it, the march of times, especially when it high-steps its way into a weekend. Friday, baby.

To celebrate the end of the week we’ve collected some of our favorite tweets from the week. So please, enjoy some good posts, laugh at them, and have a nice weekend.

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Here they are, the 13 best tweets of the week.

1. No one can know the shame of my Home Clothes

2. I think more like a Ritz cracker with some lunch meat on it?

3. The “together” killed me

4. This angered sports radio caller accidentally stumbled into a great philosophy for life

5. Ladies and gentlemen: Sprimp

6. True bravery exists

7. Donald Trump is on notice

8. Ha ha ha ha, oh no, oh no

9. World is unfair

10. This is actually a fantastic idea

11. Obligatory dril tweet

12. Parking can be pretty difficult, to be honest

13. And finally, this

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