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Any parent will tell you that purchasing one of the best baby swings when a new baby comes along is an absolute must.

However well-intentioned we are not to let the baby get used to being rocked in our arms, the truth of the matter is that babies like to be rocked. According to the National Sleep Foundation, rocking, swinging, or any type of soft rhythmic movement works as a natural sleep aid for babies because it reminds them of when they were in the womb (cue the awws).

In addition to keeping the baby happy, a good swing leaves you free to do other things for a few minutes like, say, use the bathroom without a baby on your lap (for once).

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What to look for in a baby swing

Harness: You should be able to fasten and unfasten this easily while your baby wriggles about.

Features: Consider the features you desire in a baby swing. There are several types of baby swings available, from simple, manual swings that sway as you push them, to high-tech electric baby swings that double as rockers, bouncers, and even carrycots. Some can even be controlled via an app on your phone!

Space: Where will your baby swing live in your home? Some baby swings can take up a lot of room so this is a big one to think about. And remember that the bigger it is, the harder it’ll be to cart around the house or even travel with.

Cleaning: There are no two ways about it, babies are messy however hard you try so you’ll want a baby swing that can easily be wiped clean or if you can remove the material and stick it in the washing machine.

When will my child use a baby swing?

The majority of baby swings are suitable from birth and we particularly love the ones which offer newborn inserts or a headrest so your youngster is kept comfy and supported when they’re so small. You’ll be able to use your baby swing until your baby weighs roughly 9kg.

How much should I spend on a baby swing?

Baby swings can vary in price, starting from as little as £40 and going all the way up to over £200. We’ve found it depends entirely on the features the swing has on offer such as movement, music and design. Think carefully before spending a fortune on a baby swing though, as it will probably only be in use for a matter of months before your baby outgrows it.

Safety note: Never leave a child unattended in a baby swing or bouncer or place it on a raised surface. They must always be strapped into the chair with a harness.

To save you the hassle of having to choose from hundreds of models available on the market, we’ve searched high and low and found the top 10 baby swings with the best reviews to suit all styles, requirements and budgets.

We’ll be updating this page with all the best baby deals, so check back regularly! In the lead up to Black Friday on November 26 and Cyber Monday on November 29, there’ll be some amazing deals you don’t want to miss.

Cuggl Electronic Swing

baby swing

This super economical electronic baby swing from Cuggl has everything you need to keep mother and baby happy. In addition to five front to back swinging levels, it has 12 different calming melodies, two soft hanging toys, a five-point safety harness, and two recline positions. The neutral grey design matches any home décor and the cover is removable and washable too.

Review: “Beautiful product. Ideal for a baby boy or girl. Lovely safe harness with a padded cover over the fastening area so baby won’t be bothered by a hard plastic buckle. Two seat positions, the laid back one is ideal for newborn babies. The bar with the two little sheep on is adjustable so you can position it wherever the baby’s eye line is. 5 speed settings on the swing and plays lovely classical music or nature sounds. The base is sturdy and ideal if you have other children around, unable to be toppled.”

Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Take-Along Swing & Seat

baby swing

A Mother&Baby award-winning product, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends baby swing comes in highly recommended by our mum and dad testers. There’s lots to love, with calming vibrations, six swing speeds, 10 songs, two soothing nature sounds and two Rainforest Friends toys. Assembly is a breeze and it also folds up nicely for easy portability and storing away. It also easily converts to a stationary baby seat.

This baby swing won Silver in the 2016 M&B Awards for Best Bouncy Chair, Rocker or Seat.

Mum tester Natalie said: “The Rainforest Friends Take-Along Swing & Seat is built for comfort for my little one. He fits snuggly in the seat and seems to feel secure in there. The idea that it can fold in half makes it easier for storage but also makes it portable when we go to friends’ or relatives’ houses who do not have anything for my little boy. The Swing & Seat is very easy to use as the buttons on the side are clearly labelled with pictures depicting what they do; the 6-speed setting is good as it can be adjusted to each individual baby. It can be easily cleaned if need be as the seat cover comes off and the frame can be easily wiped down.”

Read more in our full review here.

Graco Baby Delight Swing

baby swing

As Amazon’s choice for best baby swing with more than 700 reviews, the Graco Baby Delight has many features that make it a contender for the best baby swing on the market. With two swing speeds, three reclining positions, a five-point safety harness, a rotating toy bar with soft hanging toys and a stylish grey and pastel removable cover that is machine-washable, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a similar item at this price point. It also folds up almost completely flat so you can easily tuck it away when it’s not in use.

Review: “Really nice swing. Bought for my 8 week old and definitely keeps him entertained. Two different speeds. Harness feels very secure. Folds down really well for storage. You can hear it moving. Doesn’t come with batteries. Would recommend, great value.”

Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat

baby swing

As its name suggests, the Ingenuity ConvertMe swing can go from a baby swing to vibrating seat at the push of a button. Soothing nature sounds and melodies, five different swing speeds, a pivoting toy bar with two plush toys, and a soft headrest can ensure your baby stays comfortable, calm, entertained and content while you do a chore or two — or maybe even read a book!

Review: “Great quality and really lovely looking product. I wouldn’t say it’s super ‘portable’ but it does fold up, it’s light enough to carry where needed. It’s perfect as it feels fantastic quality, especially the soft seat. I just wished my 10 week old loved it as much as I do. We also chose this one as it was one of the most narrow swings on the market. The frame doesn’t come out too wide which is great In our small house. The toy it comes with is ok but we just add whatever toy works at the time.”

Kinderkraft Chair Bouncer 5-in-1 Rocker Swing

baby swing

This 5-in-1 product from Kinderkraft is a handy piece of baby equipment if we ever saw one! Practically effortlessly, this thing switches from swing, bouncer, cot, cradle, and chair in just a few seconds to accommodate your baby’s every need. There’s a large sun hood to keep the baby protected on those fun days out and it conveniently folds up to fit in the boot of the car.

Review: “Bought as a present for my new baby nephew, his mom is in love with it and uses it daily. It’s perfect for small or larger families as it does everything from a daytime cot to a swing for soothing and a safe place to leave baby whilst using the toilet, as I know that can be a struggle or a worry for most parents. Great price considering it’s a 5in1. A must buy in my eyes.”

Joie Serina 2-in1 Swing Rocker

baby swing

From one of the most sought-after baby brands comes the Joie Serina 2-in1 swing rocker; a swaying baby swing that also doubles up as a bouncer and can lift off its base to become a portable rocker so you can conveniently take the baby with you if you need to move around the house. There are six swing speeds, 10 nature sounds and lullabies, and even a soft night light with adjustable brightness.

Mum tester Claire said: “The Joie Serina 2-in-1 is such an amazing product! I was amazed at all the uses it has! My daughter loved the swing and it’s so clever that it can swing side to side and forwards and backwards. It was so calming and relaxing for my daughter. It’s very clever that it can be plugged into the mains and battery operated if taken outside the home. It was a godsend as it kept my daughter calm and relaxed, and I was able to get on with the much-needed housework! We love love loved it! It’s a great unisex design so it can be used as for boys or girls and very handy for baby number 2!”

Read more in our full review here.

4moms mamaRoo 4.0

baby swing

This baby swing from 4moms is another Amazon’s choice product with many rave reviews from pleased shoppers. One of the features that differentiate it from competitors is its ability to mimic the rocking and bouncing motion that the baby experiences in its parents’ arms. All its wonderful perks, like soothing sounds and various motions, can also be controlled via an app from your phone so you might not even need to put that cup of tea down after all.

Review: “Fantastic product, our little boy suffers badly with reflux and colic in an evening and after two months of him crying every evening when we sit down for tea I bought this, we’ve now had a week of him sitting happily and quietly! The tilt on the seat is great if he’s just had a feed and helps with the reflux. Well worth the money, top quality purchase, just wish we’d had one from day 1.”

Babymoov Swoon Motion Baby Swing

baby swing

Although the Babymoov Swoon baby swing only has two simple motions — side to side and back and forth — many satisfied customers have raved about how cosy and comfortable their babies are in it. There are several different positions and it also comes up quite high so baby can be right near you at sofa level and away from draughts (or curious four-legged friends).

Review: “Have used this from birth, son is now 11 weeks old and spends lots of time in it, it’s high enough so he is at sofa level and the dog can’t lick him constantly, the seat rotates 360 so you don’t need to move the base. Lots of seating positions too. We love it and we will be using this for many months going forward too.”

Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing

baby swing

This smart baby swing is Bluetooth enabled so you can play your child’s favourite music from your phone and has a touchscreen display that is intuitive and easy to use. Swaying side-to-side in five distinct speeds, emulating how you would rock your baby, it comes with a remote control to operate swing speed, sounds and timer. Weighing just 4.1kg, it conveniently disassembles into two parts, so you can store it away easily or take it on your travels.

Review: “The swing is lovely and soft and comfortable. The materials used will support your child and the seat buckle fastener is easy to secure and keeps your child safe. Operation is very simple; it comes with a remote control so you don’t even have to get up to change the modes. The swaying and swinging is gentle and gives a calming effect. My nephew loved it. There is also a touch panel on the base of the unit if you prefer to use that which lights up. This allows you to change the cycle, time and some media features like skipping the next track and changing the volume. The sound is good quality.”

Bright Starts Portable Swing

baby swing

Weighing in at only four pounds, this lightweight baby swing from Bright Starts is easy to move around the house even for brand new post-partum mums. As one of the most highly-rated swings on Amazon, it has everything you need, including a soft head rest for baby’s comfort, two reclining positions, easy speed dial, toy bar, and safety harness. We’re loving this soft grey and pastel elephant and monkey design, but for something a little more vibrant, it’s also available in brightly coloured Monkey, Tiger, and Turtle, or Zebra versions.

Review: “Brilliant swing, so easy to use. Absolutely love it. Had this same swing for my boy 5 years ago. Ordered a different brand that uses a sensor for my daughter and it was faulty, then ordered another one from fisher price and it was rubbish. Finally remembered this one, ordered it for my daughter, no problems, easy to assemble, trusted brand. Beautiful fabric, love it.”

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