10 (More) Songs I Can’t Get Out Of My Head — Or Off My Playlists, Part 2.

Valentine-Snail mail

Snail Mail is rapidly becoming a common name in any indie rocker’s vocabulary. Lidnsey Johnson pours her heart and soul into every word she writes, and Valentine is no exception to this trend. The song begins with subtle psychedelic guitar strums and Johnson’s vocals, and quickly transitions into an indie rock dream. It’s the perfect song for anyone looking for a breakup anthem, or just a song to scream in the car at the top of their lungs. The unique dynamic of the group’s abilities is truly showcased in this newly released piece, especially in the case of Johnson’s vocal capacities. She goes from a slow, melancholy verse and spreads her wings into a heart wrenching belted chorus. Definitely a current favorite of mine.

Jackie-Yves Tumor

This song makes me feel something I haven’t experienced from a song in a very long time. The vibes with this song truly are immaculate. It’s one of my “I feel alive” songs, and has definitely been stuck in my head since one of my bandmates sent it my way. The combination of Tumor’s vocals and the gorgeous work done on the guitar, especially during the chorus, creates an exquisite listening experience for any audience.

cowboy-allison ponthier

Ponthier is a new artist in my library. After seeing her in concert a few weeks back when she was opening for Lord Huron, I haven’t been able to stop listening to this piece. The beat Ponthier creates in the chorus of this song brings so much life to it, and the meaning in her words truly strikes me down in awe. The sudden switch between chorus and verse brings so much dynamic to the song, and her use of thunder sounds is something that brings another aspect of uniqueness to her work. Ponthier’s vocal performance on this song, particularly in the second verse, truly gives me Lana Del Rey vibes, which is honestly all anyone can ask for in an up-and-coming artist.

Feels so easy-ber

This song feels like falling in love. Consequently, that’s what the song is about. Ber’s gentle vocals mixed with the subtle guitar strums allows for a calming and overall tranquil listening experience. This song is perfect for lovers, and beautifully captures the feeling of falling for someone and letting yourself be happy about it. My heart will always belong to sad love songs, but “Feels So Easy” is definitely one of my favorite exceptions.

amie-damien rice

I added a happy love song, now time for a melancholy beat (I am nothing if not consistent). Damien Rice’s song “Amie” brings out emotions I didn’t know I had. Rice’s use of string instruments brings the piece to life and only makes the tears stream faster. While I am a drum lover, this acoustic song easily won me over the first time I heard it. Sometimes the songs that hurt the worst feel the best, and “Amie” is definitely evidence of that statement.

booker t-bad bunny

Bad Bunny is one of my favorite artists, and “Booker T” is one of his best feel-good songs in my book. This song has an incredible beat, and the addition of Booker T’s voice in the end brings so much to the piece, and allows listeners to enjoy even more and feel like they are truly at a WWE event. Plus, Bad Bunny’s live performance of this hit at Royal Rumble this year with Booker T standing on stage with him was phenomenal and, in my opinion, made history as one of his best live performances.

i know the end-phoebe bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers is one of my absolute favorite artists, so take that as you will. I haven’t come across a song by Bridgers that hasn’t given me goosebumps, made me cry buckets, or both. I Know the End is one of her best pieces from her album, Punisher, and never fails to leave me astonished, no matter how many times I’ve heard it. Phoebe performed this song on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, and her intense and escalating performance towards the end of the song went viral, as she was filmed smashing her guitar at the end of the song as the music continued and she was screaming (which is how the song ends on the album). Overall, Bridgers is one of my favorite artists at the moment and this song brings out every emotion that a song can bring out at once.

georgia (live)-Phoebe Bridgers

I can’t just add one song by this beautiful soul. Bridgers’ song, Georgia, from her 2017 album Stranger in the Alps, has been stuck in my head for weeks, particularly her live performance of the song from 2015, which can be found on youtube. Bridgers is the sole person in this performance, using only her guitar and her unimaginable vocals to set the stage, and I wouldn’t change a thing about this version of the song. Bridgers is known for her soft, angelic voice, but she completely changes the vibe with this version of her song, belting almost all of the lyrics in her chest voice, a nice parallel to her common use of her head voice in most of her songs. Overall, I have listened to this version of Georgia approximately 30 times a day over the past week, I kid you not, and I highly recommend giving this a listen. Again, it can be found on Youtube.

ode to a conversation stuck in your throat-del water gap

DWG has been one of my favorite indie artists since the beginning of 2020. Holden, or DWG, just recently released a new album last week titled Perfume, but Ode, one of his older songs (released earlier this year), always hits just as hard, if not harder, than the last time I listened. Nothing compares to Holden’s lyrical genius-he never fails to fully encapsulate what he is feeling in his music. I would highly recommend listening to DWG, and stream Perfume!!

hello, time!-denson camp

This track is the epitome of an indie psychedelic rock song. Camp’s beautiful voice and gorgeous lyrics combine with an alluring melody to create a listening experience like none I had ever heard before. Not only this, but this song has been on repeat for me every time I take a drive or walk. This song, from Camp’s 2021 album, Good Morning, My Love! Tomorrow It’s All Over, was recently introduced to me by my good friend, Elliott (you’re welcome for the shoutout), and has definitely been on my mind since I first heard it. 10/10 recommend Camp’s music.

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